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LiveAction is out with another blockbuster expose on BabyMurder, Incorporated, aka Planned Barrenhood.  Live Action checked in with almost 100 Banned Parenthood facilities, and found that almost 95% of those not only did not provide any sort of pre-natal care (other than offering to kill the baby), a large number didn’t even know what the heck that term meant:

A new Live Action investigation shows Planned Parenthood employees confirming what pro-lifers have been saying for years: Planned Parenthood is focused on abortion.

The new investigation, “Abortion Corporation,” explores the abortion group’s claims about being an essential women’s health care provider. Planned Parenthood has been putting extra emphasis on its non-abortion services recently in an attempt to justify the $500 million in taxpayer money it receives every year. Its leaders claim that being defunded would hurt millions of women who depend on Planned Parenthood for services like prenatal care…

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