We cannot start the day with a moment of silence in our classrooms because some psycho brainwashed Christian or Jew might accidentally utter a prayer, contaminating the pure, clean air of atheism and amorality. We can’t post the 10 Commandments in schools or offices or courtrooms-never mind that the principles embodied in them are the basis for every civilized society- because they came form that…that…that…BOOK! And if you happen to come across a pine tree decorated in garland and hanging ornaments and lights you may call it anything you like except that scary, offensive and politically incorrect name Christmas Tree, which apparently strikes terror into the hearts of all those who are way too sophisticated and educated to to have anything as antiquated and quaint as Faith in God. But apparently, at least according to these school officials, Sahria Law is just fine and dandy. Yet another reason to home school if you are able..


Parents are criticizing school administrators …

Source: Indiana middle school worksheet describes woman who is ‘very fortunate’ to live under Sharia law – TheBlaze