I try not to get too political on this blog. I considered not linking to this article because it is a tacit endorsement of one political candidate over another. But in this case I am convinced that what Father has to say must be said. He is not extolling the virtues of Donald Trump but rather making us aware of just who Hillary Clinton is. I invite you to read it and form your own opinions and vote your concience on Tuesday.  

Now there are those I know who say that political talk does not belong in the pulpit and they cite the separation of church and state. They are wrong. In fact, a recent article by a leading historian in the The New York Times called for this phrase to be removed from the public discourse since it does not portray the intent of our Founding Fathers who had fled an oppressive government that dictated their religion in order to build a home on these shores that allows the basic human right of religious freedom. The separation of church and state means that those who govern can not and must not tell us how, who, and where to worship.

In fact, those early leaders welcomed the voices of religious leaders in all matters political. Oddly enough, I never hear a whimper of complaint from our Southern friends (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and their band of rebels) when certain political leaders are invited to stand in Southern Protestant and black church pulpits to spread their message. This includes the present Democratic nominee and her husband when they rally those same church crowds to their cause. Hence, our discussion here in this church this morning of the critical matters of this election is just about as American as it gets.

Let me make this very clear, I am no fan of Mr. Trump and the recent media firestorm over his inappropriate and vulgar words is reprehensible. But he is not running for Pope! And let me remind you that his vulgar comments reflect a vulgar society. Our world has all but collapsed because of behavior that is now acceptable—behavior that you and I often turn a blind eye to in our own families and in our own homes. Have you ever been stopped at a red light with the car next to you blasting music that uses every foul word imaginable over and over again? Have you gone past the Halloween costume store on Airport Road or near the malls and watched the people going in and out and wondered whether they were buying costumes or already wearing dark costumes? Have you heard the First Lady’s reflections about the bands and music that she and her daughters of violence and death to police and is laced with vulgar words and phrases words that make one cringe and offend those of us who are trying to livedecent and kind lives. Our society has gone off the cliff and these pre-election days are proving it.

Source: Remember, When Voting Be Catholic! | Courageous Priest