If every mother took her doctor’s advice and aborted her unborn child because of a medical problem, one can only guess how many fewer children would be in the world today.A number of moms have chosen to abort unborn babies with disabilities at doctors’ recommendations, but some moms like Charmaine Oates resist the pressure and make the courageous decision to give their babies the chance that they deserve.Before Oates’s son Romeo was born, he was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Doctors told Oates that it would be “best” if she aborted him, according to the Daily Mail. Oates refused, and now Romeo is 4 years old and headed to preschool near his home in Merseyside, England.“When we were told that Romeo had HLHS, the doctor said it would be best if we terminated the pregnancy,” Oates said. “But I’m a very stubborn person and James [her partner] and I believe that wherever there is even a little bit of life, there is hope.”

Source: Doctors Told Mom of Baby With Half a Heart to Abort Him, Now He’s Starting School | LifeNews.com