Fr Eddie McGhee, a retired priest of Galloway Diocese, who has been a prison chaplain for over a decade, said he was moved to write Faith Inside: a Guide for Catholics in Prison after one memorable moment at Kilmarnock prison.

“It was just before Lent and I said to the boys, I’ll not be in next week because I’ve got to cover three parishes for Ash Wednesday,” he said. “And one of the guys, who always got involved when I’d been in, said ‘what’s Ash Wednesday?’ I thought, wow, I am presupposing a lot here that doesn’t exist.”

Having previously worked on an RCIA programme published by Redemptorist Publications, he wrote to them suggesting a book to teach prisoners the basics of the Faith. Having recently received a request for a book of this kind from the prison service of England and Wales, they were very receptive to the idea.

“So there are big issues facing the prisoner population,” Fr McGhee said. “Literacy obviously, but also addiction, anger management, the book is written with these things in mind.

Source: Retired priest writes catechesis for prisoners – SCO News