In September I went to Standing Rock Reservation with a contingency from my home reservation of Akwesausne. The intent was to stand in solidarity with those Natives from the
Standing Rock Reservation who are protesting the pipeline Energy Transfer Partners are attempting to build on their land.

Energy Transfer Partners is made up of five different companies: Sunoco, Southern Union Company, Regency Energy Partners, Sussex Holding Corporation and Sussex Petroleum. The company was established in 1995 in Texas with 200 miles of pipeline. It now has 71,000 miles of pipeline all across the country. They use their pipelines for natural gas liquids, refined petroleum products and crude oil. Since the beginning of 2016 their pipelines have had 21 spills.  

Originally the new pipeline was supposed to go through Bismarck, North Dakota. The people of Bismarck, which is 95 percent white, denied access. Energy Transfer Partners then went to the North Dakota legislature who invoked “eminent domain” to seize the land on the Standing Rock Reservation. This is in direct violation of the treaties established in 1851 and 1868. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Interior and the Advisory Consortium of Historical Preservation vehemently opposed the ruling. The ruling also violated the process of consultation between Nations, which is a formal process of communication between tribes and the Federal Government. Indigenous leaders from Ecuador, the Philippines, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand also adamantly opposed the ruling. This was to no avail. The construction began in March 2016.  The plan is to run the pipeline underneath the Missouri River.

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