As the twentieth century recedes farther and farther away from us, many of its most recognizable symbols — factories and public schools, shopping malls and war monuments, diners and movie theaters — fall into disuse. Some decay slowly; others get demolished in one fell swoop.

Before they disappear, however, a few architecture and history lovers are documenting these modern ruins, many of which are still strikingly beautiful even in their abandoned, broken state. Here’s a selection of bloggers and photographers who recently focused on these fascinating structures.

Peeling Walls

Image from "Detroit: The Time Capsule" Image from “Detroit: The Time Capsule,” by Liz at Peeling Walls.

At Peeling Walls, artist and photographer Liz shares images and reflections from her journeys across the Rust Belt, whether it’s an old theater in Upstate New York or a defunct aquarium in Ohio. She captures both the grandeur of the architecture and small, intimate details, like coffee…

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