Rome, Italy, Oct 26, 2016 / 03:03 am .- This week 130 Syrian refugees landed in Rome as part of a pilot program aimed at providing safe passage for migrants seeking to enter Europe, all of whom voiced their gratitude and desire to leave war behind. “I want to live normal, as a human, just that.” This is what a young woman, who preferred not to give her name, told CNA just hours after arriving to Rome from Lebanon. A university student studying geology, she is originally from the southern city of As-Suwayda, but left her friends and relatives behind and came to Italy by herself in the hopes of continuing her studies and living a normal life, far away from war. The situation in Syria “is destroying everything. Every person, every dream, you can’t dream. There is killing everywhere. This is Syria now, not before,” she said through tears. Wiping her face dry, the young woman didn’t want to talk about her family, but said she came to Italy “to continue my studies. This is the basic thing.” Italy, she said, is “a nice place, I expect the best.” The young student was among the latest round of refugees to arrive to Rome through the Humanitarian Corridors project.

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