The new McVatican comes with a side order of outrage.Plans to open a McDonald’s next to Saint Peter’s Square in Rome have angered cardinals, including a group of the red-hatted “Princes of the Church” who live above the proposed site.“It’s a controversial, perverse decision to say the least,” Cardinal Elio Sgreccia said in an interview with La Repubblica daily on Saturday.Opening a branch of the US fast-food chain in a piazza to the right of the Vatican’s basilica is “by no means respectful of the architectural traditions of one of the most characteristic squares which look onto the colonnade of Saint Peters,” he said.Sgreccia does not live in the building but was speaking on behalf of the seven cardinals who do reside above the site, which covers 538 square metres, and is being rented out by ASPA, the authority in charge of the Vatican’s real estate.

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