On Saturday, 30 brides and grooms are set to tie the knot at St. Mary’s Parish in what is described as the largest mass wedding in the Vancouver archdiocese.The 15 couples range in age from their 20s to 60s. All of them have been married in civil ceremonies — the longest for 33 years, the most recent for four months. But all of them share one desire: To get married in the church, in accordance with their faith.“I’ve wanted this for a really long time,” said Sherly Heck, 54. “It’s been my dream to walk down the aisle and be blessed by the church.”Sherly was a nanny when she met Joseph Heck, a maintenance worker, through friends. They planned to get married in a church in the Philippines, where Sherly’s family lived, but that dream proved impossible when she became pregnant out of wedlock.

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