Tijuana (Mexico) (AFP) – Wilenda Nicolas, six months pregnant, prepares a mattress on the floor for a little girl in a migrant shelter with some 100 other Haitians in Tijuana, a Mexican city bordering the United States.Nicolas found the child, who she thinks is three years old, lost in the forest of Nicaragua during her trek from Brazil to Mexico.”She was in tears, naked. Nobody stopped to take care of her, so I took her with me,” Nicolas, 23, told AFP.Nicolas and the girl are among thousands of Haitians who used to live in Brazil but have arrived in Tijuana in recent months, overwhelming immigration authorities on both sides of the US-Mexico border.The perilous trip across eight nations has taken Haitians around three months at a cost of $3,000 each on average — and they’re not using planes.”I took buses, a boat, I hitchhiked, I walked in the forest for 15 days. It was very, very tough,” she said.While Nicolas worked in a chicken slaughterhouse in Brazil, many toiled in construction projects for the 2014 World Cup and this year’s Olympic Games, but they left due to the economic and political crises afflicting the South American nation.

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