When Indianapolis Archbishop Joseph Tobin learned that Pope Francis had named him a cardinal, a top honor for a Roman Catholic churchman and one that could bring the weighty responsibility of electing a new pope, he was speechless.“I am shocked beyond words by the decision of the Holy Father,” Tobin tweeted before dawn on Sunday (Oct. 9) in Indiana.That was about the same time in Rome when Francis was telling a noontime crowd in St. Peter’s Square that he would make Tobin and 16 other clerics from around the world cardinals at the Vatican next month.Tobin certainly wasn’t the only one surprised by the pontiff’s choices.With these picks, the third round of cardinal appointments Francis has made since he himself was elected pope in 2013, he did a number of nontraditional things that have become almost customary for him:First of all, he moved the church’s center of gravity further away from the Old World and toward the “peripheries,” as he says, by selecting more cardinals (six total) from Africa, Asia and Oceania than from Europe (five).He also ignored venerable dioceses in Europe whose archbishops always got a red hat and instead named churchmen in 11 dioceses that had never had a cardinal – including Indianapolis – and six countries that have never before had a cardinal: the Central African Republic, Lesotho, the Island of Mauritius, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

Source: Pope Francis’ cardinal choices bring surprises, especially for the US church (ANALYSIS) | Deseret News