Sammy Basso is almost 21 years old and is the longest-living of approximately one hundred young people in the world affected by Progeria (also known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome – HGPS), a genetic disorder which effectively leads to living like an old man in a child’s body. This means heart trouble, skin and bone problems, and high blood pressure. But for Sammy Basso, this is nothing more than a detail, an insignificant aspect of his life because, as he says, “it only affects the body!”We met Sammy on a warm summer’s day at his home near Padua. His family’s house also serves as the headquarters of the Sammy Basso Association, which seeks to raise awareness around the world about his disease and raise funds for research. He welcomed us with the enthusiasm typical of someone in his twenties, but especially the true and disarming smile of someone who knows the value of life.

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