Fr. Paul Scalia: Devotion to the Blessed Mother brings purity to the soul, clarity to the mind, and the unity of one with the other.

In Pascendi dominici gregis, Pope Pius X invokes the Blessed Virgin Mary by the titleDestroyer of all heresies. He took this curious appellation for the gentle, sweet maiden of Nazareth from the Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The title had particular meaning inPascendi, which was written in 1911 against modernism, the “synthesis of all heresies.” Faced with that crisis, it was proper to appeal to the Destroyer of all heresies. The title still applies, however. Indeed, it describes something that has always been true of our Lady – and is perhaps even more urgent now.

But how? How does she destroy heresies? Mary never preached a sermon against error. She never conducted an inquisition or excommunicated anyone. She never (God forbid) presented a paper at a theological conference.

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