Disney’s new The Jungle Book is the second film in a row from Jon Favreau that makes me want to hug the director. It couldn’t be more different from his last, the endearing, if foul-mouthed, indie comedy Chef, about the relationship between a struggling culinary artist and his pre-teen son. I loved Chef, but of course I couldn’t watch it with my own pre-teen children. Now he has made a film I can’t wait to see with them.It’s not just that The Jungle Book is smart, thrilling, funny and gorgeous. It’s also a film of a kind that’s almost unheard of these days: an old-fashioned family adventure that’s funny without devolving into camp or comedy, thrilling and even scary without being dark or subversive. There is scarcely anything in the last decade or even more to which I can even compare it.

Source: SDG Reviews ‘The Jungle Book’ | Daily News | NCRegister.com