Earlier this week we lost a true star and a fantastic talent in the passing of Patty Duke. Deacon Greg Kandra Took note of this on his awesome blog. 

The acclaimed star of “The Miracle Worker” and “Valley of the Dolls” died today at 69. She had an extraordinary career and a tortured life—but this Irish-German girl from Queens had deep Catholic roots. She spoke about it with St. Anthony Messenger a couple years back:

One of the most popular teen stars on television, now the proud grandmother of six, Oscar winner Patty Duke, 68, is enjoying her sixth decade as a professional actor. Happily ensconced in the northern Idaho home she shares with her husband of 29 years, Michael Pearce, she is grateful for both her past successes and her present joys.

“I’ve been richly blessed,” she says softly. “When I pray, I never ask for material things. I offer only prayers of gratitude.”

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Source: R.I.P. Patty Duke, Catholic