This weekend many of us will visit our fathers to celebrate with them and to thank them for all they have done for us and continue to do for us in our lives. Sometimes our relationships with our parents can be difficult. Sometimes these trips back home can be made out of a sense of grudging obligation, something to be endured rather than enjoyed. I hope that is not you but even if it is I have to tell you that I envy you. My dad passed when I was three years old and I never had a chance to have a relationship with him, difficult or otherwise. If you have then to me you are one of the fortunate.
I pray that this is a time of happiness and joy for you. It has been said that yesterday is gone, tomorrow just a promissory note so all we have is today. Since that promissory note is one that can be revoked at any time may we, through understanding, forgiveness and love make today the great day God intended it to be as we celebrate our dads.

Happy Father’s Day.