Beautiful Life with Cancer

Myself-serving, instant gratification, arrogant, self-righteous humanity demands explanations. What? When? Where? And Why? If I don’t understand it and put in my vote, ain’t gonna happen.

I have been well taught by the culture that surrounds me and when there is a God that I can not understand, uhhh….not really my thing.

What do I not understand? I do not understand that babies die. I do not understand that someone would devote their life to missionary work, pray over a dying father and God allows them to die. I do not understand that mothers get cancer, I personally do not understand that. I do not understand that children see their mothers raped. I do not understand…A LOT!

And then God asks me to accept? He asks me to trust? He asks me to follow? He asks me to worship him?! I DO NOT LIKE THAT!

And that is the very…

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