Father Geiermann discusses three types of love: the love between family members, the love between friends, and love for one’s country.

Concerning the love between family members, he writes: “Home life consists of our conduct in the family circle. The qualities that contribute to its happiness are sincerity, charity, cheerfulness, cordiality, patience, and a spirit of sacrifice. There is a profound attachment in every heart for that sacred spot we call Home. . . . Though the lapse of time may have changed our abode, our home is always the place where those dwell whom we love and trust, our safe retreat from an unsympathetic world, the reward of our labor and sacrifice, and the natural source of our energy and strength.”

Concerning the love between friends, he says: “Friends are persons who cherish a mutual attachment and have one another’s welfare at heart.” The wise Sirach offers this advice:…

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