Fr. Ernesto with the “Pastoral Team”

The Catholic Church in Mongolia has launched a training programme called “Formation of full time ministers”, which prepares and pays young people to engage in pastoral service full time

Luciano Zanardini


It has an important history and a future to build. Following the political stability achieved in the early 1990s after 70 years of Communism, a new appeal has been sent out by mining resources which attract a lot of investors. Globalisation is transforming a population of nomads into a sedentary people, with the capital Ulaanbaatar becoming home to almost half of the country’s inhabitants (1,2 million). Mongolia’s real challenge, Consolata missionary Fr. Ernesto Viscardi explains, “is marrying the beauty of a thousand-year-old culture with the opportunities that the various elements of “modernity” can offer”. We have gone from a society characterised by old traditions to being “bombarded by models that are too aggressive”. Traditions such as Shamanism and Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism are still present in daily life and mix with modern accessories (the internet, high-powered vehicles…).

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