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Apparently today’s pro-choicers are a little soft and very easily offended!

Case in point, when a pro-life cross display representing children killed from legal abortion went up on a college campus, pro-choicers had a tizzy.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the abortion supporters protesting the display at the Central Library Mall of the University of Texas-Arlington.

The 2,900 pro-life crosses were put up by the group, Pro-Life Mavericks.

Prolife Maverick Signs

Now, I have been in this movement a very long time and I have witnessed pro-choicers get upset about a lot of things before….but…crosses?

Apparently, as abortion advocate Olivia Frost explains – the crosses tell abortion supporters “we can go to hell.”

Olivia Frost

Then there was pro-choicer Cody Needham and he “just wants to have a discussion.


Cody Needham abortion disciussion

If you’re going to hate,” Cody said, “at least tell us why you hate. That way…

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