Pope Francis has called on his priests to “learn how to be weary…in the best of ways” as they go about their ministries. In a homily during the traditional Maundy Thursday “Chrism” mass, a service intended to celebrate the unity of a Bishop with his priests, Pope Francis this morning called on priests to go out “even to the ends of the earth, to every periphery” and “bring the good news to the most abandoned”.As he reflected on the particular nature of priestly ministry, however, the Pope did not fail to highlight potential shortcomings on the part of his pastors, warning them against experiencing “the weariness of people, the weariness of the crowd”, saying:

“The faithful never leave us without something to do, unless we hide in our offices or go out in our cars wearing sun glasses. There is a good and healthy tiredness. It is the exhaustion of the priest who wears the smell of the sheep… but also smiles the smile of a father rejoicing in his children or grandchildren.

“It has nothing to do with those who wear expensive cologne and who look at others from afar and from above…”

via Pope Francis warns priests against ‘weariness of people’.