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Long long ago, way before any conversion I experienced, I used to occasionally read Dan Savage’s column in the local alternative weekly.  Even though I was very much a libertine at that time, I was repulsed even then by much of what he wrote. I guess even worse were the scenarios his correspondents ostensibly presented (he wrote a “Dear Abby” for the profoundly sexually troubled, but I suspect many of the stories were invented by Savage himself), as he was beyond crude and depressingly sick even then.  If anything, he has grown more deranged as the years have gone by.  For twenty years he has made no bones of his hatred for all things good and pure.  He hates religion, and especially Catholicism, with an intensity that is surely diabolical.  He constantly attacks morals and decency as the affront they are to his own lifestyle, a lifestyle so beyond the…

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