I am sure there are some who have genuine disagreements with the Pope in some of the things he says but it has always appeared to me that the opposition to him in certain quarters was less about doctrine and liturgy and more about dockets and litigants. Cardinal Pell can not do it by himself, however and we must pray for the Holy Spirit to raise up more like Cardinal Pell to aid in the massive work still to be done.

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Don’t mess with Pell.

God bless Cardinal Pell – a wonderful leader in the Church.

Cardinal Pell: Salvation Army Thrift Shop than Brooks Brothers

The following comes from a March 25 story by George Weigel on the Catholic World Report.

Shortly after George Pell was named archbishop of Melbourne, he instituted several reforms at the archdiocesan seminary, including daily Mass and the daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, both of which had fallen by the wayside in the preceding years. The seminary faculty, enthusiastic proponents of Catholic Lite, thought to call the archbishop’s bluff and informed him that, were he to persist in such draconian measures, they would resign en masse.

The archbishop thanked them for the courtesy of giving him a heads-up, accepted their resignations on the spot, and got on with the reform of the Melbourne seminary—and the rest of the archdiocese.

The defenders of the status quo in the Vatican may have been…

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