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Last week’s Global Teacher Prize-winner isn’t the only one saying Common Core hurts teachers and children.
Atwell teacher
March 23, 2015 By Joy Pullmann

1. Nancie Atwell, Global Teacher Prize Winner, 2015

Last weekend, Nancie Atwell won an inaugural global award that intends to be a “Nobel Prize for teachers.” It comes with $1 million, which Atwell promptly donated to her Maine independent school.

CNN interviewed her upon the occasion, and Atwell let out a number of poignant remarks, including that guttersnipes like Kim Kardashian get constant media attention but teachers and others who perform substantive, socially beneficial work are largely ignored in what passes for our public conversation nowadays. At the end, however, is an honest observation that comes out as a genuine made-for-TV shocker.

“New Day” anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Atwell, “What do you say to kids out there that are trying to figure out what they want to do…

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