The educators who populate the halls of modern academia are wondrous people – eager to share their insight, experience, and a nuanced understanding of the world around us. At least, that’s what it says in the campus brochure. In reality, some of them – probably most of them – are brain-dead leftists who spend their days regurgitating their antiquated dogma in a desperate attempt to recapture their ‘glory days’ as youthful radicals.


The case in point is Penn State Abington sociology professor, Dr. Karen Halnon. She was arrested recently, after going berserk on a passenger flight from Nicaragua to Miami.

Fortunately (for a whole slew of reasons) these are not the ‘glory days.’ Here in the future, people have cell phones. Thanks to Halnon’s fellow travellers, we get to watch grainy cell phone videos of the good professor going bonkers.

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