Children remind us that “we are always children”, they bring their way of seeing reality, with a “confident and pure” gaze (“they have not yet learned the science of duplicity which we adults have learned”), they can “teach us to smile and cry again”. “Of course they also bring concerns and sometimes many problems, but a society with these concerns and these problems is far better than a society that is sad and gray because it has no children!” This was the crux of Francis’ message at this Wednesday’s General Audience in St. Peter’s Square.

After reflecting on the different figures withtin the family (mother, father, children, siblings, grandparents) over the past few weeks, today Francis focused on children as he continued his series of catecheses on the family ahead of the October Synod. Children are a great gift for humanity…but they are also great outcasts because they aren’t allowed to be born,” the Pope said. Francis announced that next week he will be talking about “some wounds that unfortunately hurt childhood”. I think of “the many children I met during my recent visit to Asia: full of life, enthusiasm, and, on the other hand, I see that in the world today many o

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