Lent is a good time to ask the Lord, for each of us and for the whole Church for conversion to the mercy of Jesus, Pope Francis said during Mass today at Casa Santa Marta. Too often, in fact, he said, Christians “are experts at closing the door to people” who, worn down by life and by their mistakes, would be ready for a new start, “people whose hearts the Holy Spirit is stirring to move forward.”

The law of love was at the core of Pope Francis’ reflection on the day’s readings. In the First Reading the Prophet Ezekiel (47:1-9, 12) talks about water flowing from the temple, “holy water, the water of God, as abundant as the grace of God: ever abundant”. The Lord, the Pope explained, is indeed generous “in giving his love, in healing our wounds”.

Water returns in the Gospel according to John (5:1-16), with the image of the pool – “in Hebrew it was called Bethesda” – which had “five porticoes. In these lay a large number of ill, blind, lame, and crippled”. Pope Francis explained, in this place there was a tradition according to which “from time to time an angel would come down to stir up the waters. The sick people would jump in at that moment and be healed. Therefore, ” a lot of people came there”.

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