When Gov. Scott Walker announced this month that he would sign a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin pounced:

“In his four years as governor,” the group said in a news release, “Walker has made substantial progress in his fight against women.” Board member Eliza Cussen is quoted calling Walker “anti-woman,” then without a shred of self-awareness complains, “This guy isn’t subtle.”

In case you didn’t catch NARAL’s feathery soft, nuanced approach to Walker, the group thinks the Wisconsin governor has a record of “derailing women’s health services.” Certainly, the idea that abortion is a “women’s issue” has become almost as culturally ubiquitous as Pharrell’s song “Happy.” And equally as odious.

There’s no doubt that men and women view abortion differently, given the fact that women are ultimately responsible for the burden of whether to have one. But that doesn’t mean abortion isn’t also a “men’s issue.”

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