Pray More!

We’re supposed to pray more in Lent.So pray more why dontcha?Here are some ideas for kickstarting your Lenten Prayer life.

  1. Pray the Divine Office – The complete daily Divine Office consists of Morning Prayer, Mid Day Prayer, Evening Prayer, Office of Readings and Night Prayer. But if you’re not a priest you don’t have to pray it all. Just use the main two offices of Morning and Evening prayer. If that’s too much use the great publication Magnificat. You can also pray the Divine Office with online resources. Check out Universalis, and the Laudate app or the iBreviary app.
  2. Develop a Divine Dialogue -That just means talk to God. Spend some time to have an informal conversation. This is best while you’re doing something routine. Talk to him when you are taking a walk, driving the car or doing routine housework. Just be sure if you do it while driving you don’t close your eyes….Seriously, just pour out your heart and then take time to tune in and listen to his still small voice in reply.

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