Father Geiermann continues his discussion of things that trouble the soul. The second is “the world.” Here is how he defines “the world” in this context:

“The world is that part of mankind which rebels against God and follows the inclinations of the flesh.”

“According to the teaching of Jesus Christ, (1) God is all and man nothing; (2) eternity lasting, time fleeting; (3) heaven is incomparable, earth a wilderness; (4) life is a trial, heaven the reward, and hell the punishment.”

“According to the false theory of the world, (1) man is everything and has freed himself from God’s dominion; (2) time is eternal and eternity a fable; (3) the honors, riches, and pleasures of life alone are worthy of man’s ambition; (4) man’s heaven or hell is on earth; (5) life, alas, is too short and ends in gloom; (6) we can have no knowledge of a next…

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